Law Firm of Franch & Smith, P.A.

Our law firm in Annapolis, Maryland, was founded with one goal in mind and that was to provide the local business community and private citizens with sophisticated, creative and winnable solutions from simple to complex legal issues. For more than 25 years, we have served our clientele in the law fields of business, corporate, bankruptcy, commercial, personal injury, elder law and estate and trusts. We want to provide you with the best representation for your case in the most economical and responsive way. Call Franch & Smith today to discover how we can help you win!


Why Choose Franch & Smith, P.A?


Robert Smith has over 35 years of legal experience maintaining a general practice of law providing independent legal representation for businesses and individuals in civil matters in both Maryland and the District of Columbia. He is licensed to practice in both their local and Federal courts, and has handled cases at all court levels, including the appellate level. He holds a BV Distinguished rating from Martindale-Hubbell establishing him as one of Maryland’s top lawyers.


A primary part of our practice is representing individuals and business owners in personal and business-related legal matters. We offer experienced counsel in a general law practice and we are able to address your legal needs efficiently and economically.


We understand the urgency of our clients and the need to provide the best possible representation as quickly as possible. So contact us for a no fee initial consultation and we will respond within one business day.